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For the second time in this life, I attended Zade’s concert that took place in Amman on the 19th June 2008, the concert was great, Zade was shining as usual and the audience were incredible, the concert took place at the Roman Theater, downtown of Amman, the concert started at 08:30 which was supposed to start 07:30, stairs were full of audience, I believe people were not allowed to attend because of no space.

Zade was great and shining as usual and as I like to call the guy “Yanni of Jordan” let me feel so prude of him being Jordanian, the London orchestra joined Zaid during his performance, Janna from Lebanon also preformed a marvelous song for Ziad Rahabani of Lebanon, her voice made that warm evening of Amman unforgettable, I wounder where I can find a CD for her?

I will not say much about Zaid, I really stand speechless in front of his simplicity and kindness and maybe this describes the huge number of people were there! Keep up the good Job Zaid, someday we will meet and talk and I will express how much I like what you are doing.


Bonjour! Est-ce que vouz parlez la langue Francaise?

As part of the French Culturel Center of Amman activities (that I like so much) another Quiz night was held yesterday, people were divided into teams and in the first stage, two teams will fight, the winner will be enrolled in the finales.

Mobile phones were awarded to the first team, the second got some free books from PrimeMega Store and the third got a free course.

The questios were talking about the world of Francophone, our team had very tough questions that even French people themselves might not answer, as usual we lost from the early beginning, not a problem as long as we had some fun.

I respect what those people are trying to do for us, I like all the activities they organize, and the hard work they do, actually the “Spring Carnaval” that took place last month in “Jabbal Webdeh” was organized by them, children were so happy, and I can tell it was a great enjoyable fuss.

Thank you Mr. Xavier(Director) and everyone who works for the French Center and specially for the great Dema and Dema,  you are the best!

 Soiree Quiz

I recived an invitation today to attend the Jordanian Band Competition Finale.

Great! I will attend, this is the first thing I said.

so I called the number mentioned below to ask for a free ticket as said, the guy at the other end said that all tickets were booked couple of weeks ago and there is nothing he can help me with! what a bad luck I have today!!

Lucky People 🙂 Enjoy the concert!

“Ajat el 7azeneh Tefra7 Ma La2telha Ma6ra7 ”


Mahmoud Darwish

Posted: February 23, 2008 in What's taking place in Amman

Mahmoud Darwish (born 1941 in Al-Birwah, British Mandate of Palestine) is a contemporary Palestinian poet and writer of prose. He has published over thirty volumes of poetry, eight books of prose and has served as the editor of several publications, including: Al-Jadid, Al-Fajr, Shu’un Filistiniyya and Al-Karmel. He is recognized internationally for his poetry, which focuses on his strong affection for his lost homeland. His work has won numerous awards, and has been published in at least twenty-twolanguages.