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For the second time in this life, I attended Zade’s concert that took place in Amman on the 19th June 2008, the concert was great, Zade was shining as usual and the audience were incredible, the concert took place at the Roman Theater, downtown of Amman, the concert started at 08:30 which was supposed to start 07:30, stairs were full of audience, I believe people were not allowed to attend because of no space.

Zade was great and shining as usual and as I like to call the guy “Yanni of Jordan” let me feel so prude of him being Jordanian, the London orchestra joined Zaid during his performance, Janna from Lebanon also preformed a marvelous song for Ziad Rahabani of Lebanon, her voice made that warm evening of Amman unforgettable, I wounder where I can find a CD for her?

I will not say much about Zaid, I really stand speechless in front of his simplicity and kindness and maybe this describes the huge number of people were there! Keep up the good Job Zaid, someday we will meet and talk and I will express how much I like what you are doing.


I decided to start a new post series, I will call it Amman VIBES, in every new episode I will speak about a place in Amman, it might be modern, it might be old, but the purpose behind this is to tell people  about places in Amman where they can have fun, by the way this idea is not new, actually Roba has started such an idea in her Urban Review which I like so much, but this time I will try to be less fancy and I will write most of the time about places where you can have fun spending the minimal amount of JDs or maybe shops that sell things you can’t  find in West Amman and you think they don’t exist anymore.

Let’s give it a shot and see how this will go on!

Habiba, the best place to have “Konafa Nablsyeh” ever!

“Konafa Nablsyeh” for those who don’t understand Arabize is a Arabic dessert made of goat’s white cheese topped with shredded filo pastry drenched with a very hot sweet syrup (Qater) that comes optionally for people on diet, It was originally brought from Palestinian and from Nablus to be more exact and as it is obvious by the name.

Habiba is located on a small alleyway beside the Arab Bank building between King Faysal Street and Hussain Cinema Street(don’t know the official name of that street), downtown in the heart of Amman city!

you can have the best Konafa ever and it doesn’t coast so much, I went there with a friend last month and a dish of 250 grms was about 0.80 JDs (Allah Yr7am Ayam Zaman, Kanat bnos).

The secret there is where you eat that dish, actually there is no place inside, you have to stand outside on that alleyway staring at the dazzly lights and people’s faces, you can see people from the whole Jordanian Socity spectrum, you can see people in a hurry trying to catch a bus, you can see others trying to read newspapers’ headlines from the shop behind.

it takes about 10 minutes to enjoy that heavy meal, after then you start to feel thirsty like you have never drank water before, the place offers water from public water resources (7anafyeh) and if you don’t have the guts to do it! you can buy a bottle of mineral water from the shop 10 meters far.

When I stand there I smell ancient Amman, I start imagine myself living in the 1920s when this area was considered the most dynamic part of the city, actually it was the city. You can see the heart of Amman, the new modern dynamic and elegant city of our beloved Jordan.

I will go there in few days, maybe tomorrow if I had the chance and this is an open invitation for everybody to join me there!