Lean Development 101

Posted: September 1, 2009 in Things I like

A great eye opener and a collection of tools that I was missing all these days! Yes, when you work in the IT industry you and specially in the management team you always ask yourself what is going wrong? why things are taking much longer than they were supposed? why I have ended up with an unsatisfied customer? why I feel people working on projects unhappy? why are they complaining all the time and not motivated? why did that bug just exploded in the face of the customer during the chairman demo? why and why? so many question that possibly I can answer some of them and still working to learn more to find the missing ones.

The answers start to come up early in 2006, when we started a new development strategy, throwing waterfall methodology behind our back and starting a new era with Agile methodologies and XP practices. Today I am not going to talk about XP and the Agile methodologies, Yes they are great but still did not provide me answers I was looking for. Lean Development did!

Lean Software Development is a set of principles that you can call tools aim to produce rapidly developing high quality software with the highest value in the fastest way possible for the customer.

According to Wikipedia, Lean Development could be summarized by seven principles that I am not going to detail today, I will just mention them until I finish reading the most two popular books “Lean Software Development Agile Toolkit” and “Implementing Lean Software Development Concept” by Mary Poppendieck & Tom Poppendieck.

1- Eliminate waste and this is the most important factor to deliver fast with high value.

2- Amplify Learning, which I believe XP and other Agile methodologies are taking care of it.

3- Decide as late as possible to gather as much information as possible helping you to take the right decision

4-Deliver as fast as possible, this is your competitive advantage, time to market has been always an issue in SW development, and don’t forget the million dollar early feedback you can get from the customer

5-Empower the team and respecting people. and guess what! it does not mean being polite and showing curtsy to others. this is totally different.

6- Building integrity in, which I have to read more about to understand

7- Optimize the whole, don’t ever say this is not my problem, it is their problem, we are all on the same boat, we are either paid at the end of each month or selling hotdogs in the park.

  1. Nizar Hussein says:

    I always believed in you as a leader, I’m sure you can use these practices to boost your skills and to improve your environment to fit employees ambitions.

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