Couchsurfing (عندك كنباي)

Posted: December 27, 2008 in Things I like

What a great Idea! Coush Surfing is people networking website, looks like facebook, the idea is simple for people who likes to meet others from other parts of this world, different cultures, languages and different points of view, all what you have to do is to create profile and fill in some information, and you will start to send and receive couch requests, you can set the level of help you can afford, you can accept people to come to your place to spend and night or two, or maybe less by offering them showing them around and having a cup of tea or coffee, and you can do the same when you visit a place where you don’t know anybody from there, you can browse for people living there and you ask them to help you as mush as they could and they at least can show you around ang give you some useful tips.

I created my profile only couple of days ago, then WoW, Simon from Jordan sent me an invitation for couch surfers gathering, they wanted to say hello to new members and have nice evening with couch surfers currently located in Amman, the gathering took place at Jaffra, a coffee shop downtown, my first impression was good, then everything went smooth and easy, we started to introduce to each other and talking about our experiences traveling, working and kicking in this life.

I met two nice guys from Spain, they were so cute and lovely, I am bad with names but they were so kind, they are CIVIL engineers doing a trip in Jordan for pleasure, I have tried to talk to the Iranian couple, but one of them was not good in English, the girl was also nice, at the end I met with the Italian couple, Barbara and Georgio, they have just arrived Jordan, they came directly from the Airport to the gathering, I am thankful for them, they were very helpful and they provided me so many useful tips to survive my trip to Rome in the next couple of week.

I was looking for something like CouchSurf for ages, I hope I can make more friends and enjoy helping people surviving Amman. I will consider this as part of my Job enhancing our picture (Arabs and Muslims) in the eyes of other people of the world, so help me God.

Here are some PICs from today gathering.











  1. Hani Obaid says:

    My friend, in English only women say guys are cute, so don’t do it or people will think you’re gay 🙂

    I think you will do a great job introducing tourists to Amman. I wouldn’t go as far as inviting them to sleep at your house though.

  2. wayoubi says:

    Thanx for the advise, but they are really good people, it seems I can find myself a Job as a tourist guide in case I was kicked out.

    I am offering only Coffee and Tea which means I can take people around the city, show them some places, going to coffee shops, and giving them TIPS and TRICKS to survive their visit.

  3. Philip says:

    That’s awesome that you had a good CS experience man.
    I hope you continue to enjoy it!
    Spread the CS love~ 😀

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