Zade Dirani – One Night in Jordan

Posted: June 22, 2008 in Amman VIBES, Things I like, What's taking place in Amman

For the second time in this life, I attended Zade’s concert that took place in Amman on the 19th June 2008, the concert was great, Zade was shining as usual and the audience were incredible, the concert took place at the Roman Theater, downtown of Amman, the concert started at 08:30 which was supposed to start 07:30, stairs were full of audience, I believe people were not allowed to attend because of no space.

Zade was great and shining as usual and as I like to call the guy “Yanni of Jordan” let me feel so prude of him being Jordanian, the London orchestra joined Zaid during his performance, Janna from Lebanon also preformed a marvelous song for Ziad Rahabani of Lebanon, her voice made that warm evening of Amman unforgettable, I wounder where I can find a CD for her?

I will not say much about Zaid, I really stand speechless in front of his simplicity and kindness and maybe this describes the huge number of people were there! Keep up the good Job Zaid, someday we will meet and talk and I will express how much I like what you are doing.

  1. Maher says:

    it was amazing!
    i enjoyed it

  2. Zade has incredible optimism and passion about the work he does. Putting on a show like that is no small feat at all, and quite impressive. I like that he uses his talent and work with a mission. It’s admirable.

    His site is if you want to know more about the musicians or contact them to find their works.

  3. wow haha he is my unckle son 😛

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