[BAPD] Palestine, May God change all of this.

Posted: May 16, 2008 in Things I like

First of all, I would like to apologize not being able to write this post couple of hours ago, it was supposed to be on 15th actually it is now the 16th May 01:15 AM in the morning .

I am standing today speechless, thoughtless and really not able to write down the thousand ideas in my mind.

I am Jordanian from Palestine origin, Jordan and Palestine are one thing for me “my home”, I love them both and I wish I could work for them both, I am doing my best these days.

Thanx god I have the chance to go to visit Palestine whenever I like, actually I have the necessary papers to move freely between Jordan and Palestine “Freely depends here in the Israeli side”.

I used to visit my relatives in Hebron every year, but now it has been three years since I was there last time, busy working….

When I was there in 2005, I saw the most annoying ugly thing a human being can see in his life, it is the “WALL”, I was in a cap on my way to Hebron (my original Hometown) the sun was shinning and every thing was good so far, as you might know as Palestinians we can not enter the 48th territories, Jerusalem is considered an Israel’s’ land and the army wont allow me “a Palestinian Identity Card holder” to pass through Jerusalem which is supposed to be the city where my father and grand father passed all their lives. so the cap driver went through a very long route which passes through “Abu Deas” a suburb near Jerusalem and suddenly and in a very odd way the sun was blocked the street was narrowed and it was there, the “WALL”, you just don’t want to feel how bad and ugly it was “Actually it is as it still remains there”, I have every felt like a slave in my whole life but there it was something else, the Wall was cutting the town into two pieces you can see buildings separated by the wall, those buildings where supposed to be one minute far away from each other, but now you can say it will take more than an hour in a car to pass from one to the other, imagine your brother or family living just in the next block and it takes more than an hour to reach them, and you have to pass through so many check points as we were traveling from one country to another.

“Someday that wall will break down, and we’ll live in piece”

Yesterday I was telling a colleague that I miss being there, it has been so long and I just want to be there!

When I watch the news and I see all those problems between Hamas and Fateh, I wonder how much silly they are, can’t they see that Israel wants us to be separated, can’t you see that they want us to get busy beating each other, can’t you see how many things they are doing behind the scene while we are fighting! It is enough! Our brothers and sister are being killed every day, shouldn’t we respect their blood? Please give me a break, let’s work for Palestine and forget ourselves for a while.

I want the piece process to move forward, and I don’t want to say that we should throw all the Jews in the sea as it is said, I am realistic and I can tell what is possible and what is not, actually our problem is not with Jews or the Jewish religion itself, in Islam we shall respect all religions and we must respect Mousa and Ibrahim “3alehm el Salam”. Our problem is with the Zionist movement and making Palestine a country for the Jews, this is something not clear for the youngest generations as I feel.

Listen! Gaza is under siege and our brothers and sisters there are facing the face of death every day, they don’t have gas they almost ran out of medicine food and so many other basic things, let’s think how much money we spend every day on things we don’t use or we just buy them for no reason, how much money we spend on Cafe shops and clubs, we spend a lot, let’s try to present something for our brothers and sisters there through the possible channels, do you think 25 JDs a month is a great amount of money, why don’t each one of us pay 25 JDs a month to help a child in Gaza or the West Bank “Kafalet Yatem”.

I have one other thing to say before I go to sleep tonight, I am working to enhance myself and my skills, I am trying to educate myself and to become a better person so someday whenever I have the chance I can serve my home, Jordan and Palestine.

  1. Summer says:

    Better late than never!
    maybe it is time for you to go back visit your homeland and your family…maybe after you go you can update all of us in another post. thanks for sharing.

  2. Hani Obaid says:

    I haven’t been back since the wall was built, so at least i didn’t have to see it.

  3. Mohammad Adi says:

    صديقي وسيم ,
    اولا اسف عم بكتب بالعربي بس انت بتعرف اني مش كتير شاطر بالكليزي.
    بالنسبة للجدار العازل: انا تولد لدي نفس الشعور. بس انا شعرت بأسوا من هييك اما و انا داخل على الحرم القدسي طلبوا مني اقرا قران….. في هاديك اللحظة شعرت اني غريب بديني…..
    مش عارف شو اكتب….
    اصبحت استمتع اقرأ المدونة الخاصة بك.
    الله يكون معك دايما.

  4. za3tar says:

    Thank you for this article. Truly the everyday life in Palestine is not ordinary. It is all in relative terms. “Free movement” means that you are authorized to even attempt to go. A normal day means less than 5 have been killed, a “normal” travel to your relatives in another city includes checkpoints and endless stops. But we learn to live and survive.

    I also agree, this infighting between fateh and hamas is stupid and should end.

  5. ablaut says:

    ablaut says : I absolutely agree with this !

  6. Jonathan says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Jonathan

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