Posted: May 9, 2008 in Things I hate

What is taking place in Beirut today is so pathetic, what are those people trying to do. I am not Lebanese, I haven’t been to Lebanon before but I feel like a Lebanese since ages, actually it is not the right time to talk about myself.

Yesterday Mom gave me a call during the office hours, she is not used call me during the day as she knows I am very busy, so when I saw here calling me in the middle of the day I said something bad is taking place, she started asking me if I had the chance to hear the news, I said What? She said “Wala3at” in Lebanon, she was telling me the story as it was taking place in our neighborhood!! Actually it is.

Last night I was zapping between Lebanese satellite channels, New TV, NBN, LBC, Future TV (I believe it is offline now) and Manar, the pictures were so ugly, I remember a child who was passing an alleyway laughing and not recognizing what is happening around him, and suddenly he started to scream and cry when a very loud gunfire sounds started around him.

I know that we see such pictures taking place in Gaza, the West Bank and Iraq on daily basis, but we just don’t want this to happen in more Arab countries. Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon are now trapped into circles of violence that I am not sure how the leaders of the world will be able to fix all that mess.

Hizbollah’s people says that they love Lebanon, Hariri’s people say that they love Lebanon and so and so (I am not even familiar with Lebanese Parties) but I believe that you are all lying, sorry to say that but I can smell how every party of you is supported by an outside power, it is obvious that your supporter’s interest is more important for you than Lebanon and the people of Lebanon.

Let me don’t go deep down into this as I don’t fully understand the situation there and I am not a politician in any way, but I have a small message for all Lebanese leader.

“Please stop all that mess and just try to love Lebanon”


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