A trip to Mkhaibeh

Posted: April 13, 2008 in Things I like

Hatem and I joined the members of the “Association Culturelle Jordanienne Francophone” into a trip to the north of Jordan, somewhere called Mkhaybeh, a small village on the Yarmok river, it is 2.5 hours far from Amman, and I think it deserves every mile we crossed to reach.

We were supposed to gather at 07:30 in front of the French cultural center, and as you know we are known for our respect to the time factor, the bus took off at 08:30, never mind, nobody was killed.

The highway between Amman and Irbid was marvelous, the green hills were scattered all the way, Irbid’s landscape with all those green areas were charming.

When we arrived there our host Mr. Bsharat was waiting for us on the check point (it is a military zone), Mr. Bsharat took us on a tour over the place and gave us a brief about the area, then he took us to his paradise, which is a piece of heaven on earth, the place was very nice, calm and charming.

Lunch was served after an hour, it is eating time (my favorite time)! I was the first one to jump, the main course was a grilled lamp “Kharouf Ma7she” that is what I thought when I saw that animal sitting on that big dish surrounded with hills of rice, then that rosy world collapsed in less than a millisecond, an earthquake took place, it was a pig, can you hear me a big a bigggg, an ugly pig!!! Thanx god that our host started talking about it before I could even touch it, it was wild big as he called it, so guess what, I apologized for not having lunch as I am on diet, I picked a spoon and a can of sweet corn out of my bag and had a very nice lunch.

Never mind and let’s look at the bright side of the trip, after that luxurious lunch, we spent the time around the swimming pool, the weather was very good, we were supposed to leave early so we can visit Um Qais for an hour or two, but people started saying they are enjoying their stay so we had to call off Um Qais visit.

At 05:00 PM we decided to leave, I believe it was not a wise decision, who can lose sun set in Um Qais “Only fools” so on our way back home, the bus stopped by MacDonald’s…. you can imagine what happened by then, when that door was opened a rocket came out of the bus, I was almost died, I ordered so many things that people started starring at me like they are looking at a monster, never mind who cares what others think these days.

Arrived Amman about 10:00 PM, went home, had a hot bath and went into coma for the whole next day.

Here are some photos from that trip, I am sure there are other places that deserve to be visited in next coming days:


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