Soiree Quiz au Centre Culturel Français

Posted: March 21, 2008 in Things I like, What's taking place in Amman

Bonjour! Est-ce que vouz parlez la langue Francaise?

As part of the French Culturel Center of Amman activities (that I like so much) another Quiz night was held yesterday, people were divided into teams and in the first stage, two teams will fight, the winner will be enrolled in the finales.

Mobile phones were awarded to the first team, the second got some free books from PrimeMega Store and the third got a free course.

The questios were talking about the world of Francophone, our team had very tough questions that even French people themselves might not answer, as usual we lost from the early beginning, not a problem as long as we had some fun.

I respect what those people are trying to do for us, I like all the activities they organize, and the hard work they do, actually the “Spring Carnaval” that took place last month in “Jabbal Webdeh” was organized by them, children were so happy, and I can tell it was a great enjoyable fuss.

Thank you Mr. Xavier(Director) and everyone who works for the French Center and specially for the great Dema and Dema,  you are the best!

 Soiree Quiz

  1. Adi says:

    wallah mash’allah 3leek ya walad…. u have alot of activities… keep it up bro!

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