How to become a better Leader

Posted: March 21, 2008 in Things I like

I was enrolled in a training course this week, it was an extensive course about how you become a better Leader which is a worldwide recognized program provided by ILM

It was a great chance to enhance my skills, learn new skills, meet great well educated prestigious people and making me stomach happy for four days in a row as it was held in Amman Sheraton.

The trainer Mr. Ayman Al Sayed is a great teacher with very solid experience in Marketing, Team Leading and other interesting staff.

I had the pleasure doing all those comments, brain storming sessions, discussion circles and knowledge transfer talking.

Today I decided not to stop there, I went to PrimeMega store and bought two books that are talking about the same subject, I am very interested on what I have learned and need to read more.

First book I am reading will be  “The Seven Habits” by Steven Covy, it seems to be a good one, I will write my opinion about it when I am done!

Great People!

  1. Hani Obaid says:

    Wala you were at the sheraton, and you didn’t stop by to say hi 😀

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