Mindless, Speechless and Depressed.

Posted: March 4, 2008 in Palestine

When I saw this video I was astonished, I didn’t say a word, I felt cold, my brain stopped functioning! actually this little girl has destroyed my world.

How can I help her????? I have no f…. idea, please let her come and take all what I have, my car, all the money in my bank account, everything everything…

But let her return one thing back to me…. my dignity.

I wonder how we can get a sleep every night while our families are being killed, how can we eat? how can we take our children places to enjoy their time and this little poor child does not have anything to wear or eat.

Listen, the whole world’s blogs won’t be enough to express how miserable I feel wright now

  1. Hani Obaid says:

    Uffffffffffffffffffff it really breaks your heart :_(

    Don’t do this to yourself though. You can’t save the whole world.

  2. wayoubi says:

    She has just put a knife into my heart!!

    I was watching TV yesterday, it was a report on Al-Jazeera they were talking about Gaza and suddenly from no were a woman came up into the front of the camera and said what I consider the most humiliating thing in the world!

    “The Palestinians’ blood is cheaper than Water ”

    OMG how much I hate this feeling!

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