Nothing much to Say, Gaza Allah Ma3ek

Posted: March 3, 2008 in Palestine

Isn’t that child my sister and your son ? …
Isn’t that my country burning under the sun ?…

Deep sh.. is all what I feel …
And there is no time to heal …

All what I see is fake …
And there is no need to be awake …

Vodka, Black Label and Keep Walking …
And there is nothing more than talking …

I said from the beginning, I have nothing much to say!!!!

Gaza Allah ma3ek and please forgive me!!

With respect to all who passed away in the past couple of days, months, years and decades
  1. Hani Obaid says:

    You really surprised me at lunch today when you said you hope our children forgive us for Gaza.

    I was too busy destroying a fried chicken to tell you they won’t need to forgive you for something that isn’t your fault, but the fact that you would ask is still very nice !

  2. Adi says:

    wallah nice….. keep it up bro

  3. wayoubi says:

    I am asking forgiveness because…. Let me explain.
    Imagine you were given a precious thing (anything) by your father, which was given to him by his father and so on, you are supposed to give it your son, it’s like “Amaneh” so if you lost that thing, it is your fault because you should have saved it for your son, and that’s why I feel guilty.

    Inshallah bro, I am trying to survive

  4. Olá paz do senhor Jesus vendo á cidade de gaza pela internet lembro que tive uma biblia que tinha essa foto,desejo muitas benças de Deus prá vcs tenha um bom final de semana.
    quando enviar comentarios prá mim por favor manda em português ou espanhol.

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