Do U believe in UFO’s

Posted: February 28, 2008 in Things I like

I was kidnapped by the Aliens couple of months ago! and here is the evidence!!

Do you believe in UFO’s?

I do! you know why, I believe it would be a great miss to have all that space only for us “People of the earth”. What do you think?

  1. Hani Obaid says:

    I knew it, this explains why you became nice all of a sudden 😛

  2. UFO’s don’t automatically mean aliens. Even if every single UFO case turned out to be a hoax, they still can’t be considered an evidence for aliens, or deny the existence of aliens
    The universe is a huge place. With distances that are mind boggling. Chances of civilizations “visiting” each other are very so unlikely due to sheer distance. Let alone being able to developing the capability of FTL (Faster than light) travel. And if all the above is true, imagine how much interest a small planet like earth is going to be of interest for them to come and visit! And of all the brilliant and amazing people on this planet, out of the 6 billion they decide pick …. ?

  3. Rsghbir Singh says:

    I believe in aliens and ufos even tho have never see one, but I thinkg there has to be some one out there maybe there r humans from feature time travling to study history or maybe they are from other galexy, they might trave faster than light, or maybe through worm holes who’s knows. But I have been doing mechanical and my goals of life way to be engineer but I was short on money and never got to study any further. I think I maybe have brake through on how UFOs hover areound and maybe need more experiment with it and think much more deeper maybe it might not be fast as alian techononly of advance as alian techonology but it maybe a step toward termendous amout of enegry outta somthing small and a next step toward out new flight. I will not reveal and of my theory or ideas. Excuse my spelling.

  4. UFOs and Aliens are not a matter of belief, should be a matter of investigation. So we know if what is said is true, and not believe that any lunatic who screams UFO! telling the truth. There may also be confusion with natural phenomena or ground devices. Second, we must study the posibiliades of life outside our world. And the third point, theorise, only theorise about the possibility that another civilization can reach us.

    As you can see, this implies several areas of study that ordinary people do not have. So the study of this issue can not be based on the beliefs of the people.

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