The Jordanian Band Competition Finale

Posted: February 27, 2008 in Things I like, What's taking place in Amman

I recived an invitation today to attend the Jordanian Band Competition Finale.

Great! I will attend, this is the first thing I said.

so I called the number mentioned below to ask for a free ticket as said, the guy at the other end said that all tickets were booked couple of weeks ago and there is nothing he can help me with! what a bad luck I have today!!

Lucky People 🙂 Enjoy the concert!

“Ajat el 7azeneh Tefra7 Ma La2telha Ma6ra7 ”


  1. Hani Obaid says:

    Ya haram wasim, why are they advertising if they don’t have any tickets left !

  2. wayoubi says:

    Hani, I believe it is my fault, I saw this announcement couple of weeks ago on facebook but I didn’t ask for a ticket.

    I believe they have sent this again as a reminder to ppl who have already booked their tickets.

    ‘7herha fe gherha!

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