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I am writing these few lines to a friend whom I have never met, I know he will not read these lines
but I know from deep of my heart he is aware of them even without reading them.

Thank you Vitorrio for supporting Justice and the People of Gaza, Thank you for spending your youth standing up in front of tanks and weapons trying to defend unarmed people against the barbarian occupation. Thank you for being a story of our revolution, Thank you for being a true friend. You will be always in our hearts, be aware that you have brothers and sisters all over Palestine praying the Lord to compensate you well.

Today we should all support your family and beloved ones, I share my deepest condolence to your family and friends and the people of Italy, we have all lost a true justice fighter indeed.


Lean Development 101

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A great eye opener and a collection of tools that I was missing all these days! Yes, when you work in the IT industry you and specially in the management team you always ask yourself what is going wrong? why things are taking much longer than they were supposed? why I have ended up with an unsatisfied customer? why I feel people working on projects unhappy? why are they complaining all the time and not motivated? why did that bug just exploded in the face of the customer during the chairman demo? why and why? so many question that possibly I can answer some of them and still working to learn more to find the missing ones.

The answers start to come up early in 2006, when we started a new development strategy, throwing waterfall methodology behind our back and starting a new era with Agile methodologies and XP practices. Today I am not going to talk about XP and the Agile methodologies, Yes they are great but still did not provide me answers I was looking for. Lean Development did!

Lean Software Development is a set of principles that you can call tools aim to produce rapidly developing high quality software with the highest value in the fastest way possible for the customer.

According to Wikipedia, Lean Development could be summarized by seven principles that I am not going to detail today, I will just mention them until I finish reading the most two popular books “Lean Software Development Agile Toolkit” and “Implementing Lean Software Development Concept” by Mary Poppendieck & Tom Poppendieck.

1- Eliminate waste and this is the most important factor to deliver fast with high value.

2- Amplify Learning, which I believe XP and other Agile methodologies are taking care of it.

3- Decide as late as possible to gather as much information as possible helping you to take the right decision

4-Deliver as fast as possible, this is your competitive advantage, time to market has been always an issue in SW development, and don’t forget the million dollar early feedback you can get from the customer

5-Empower the team and respecting people. and guess what! it does not mean being polite and showing curtsy to others. this is totally different.

6- Building integrity in, which I have to read more about to understand

7- Optimize the whole, don’t ever say this is not my problem, it is their problem, we are all on the same boat, we are either paid at the end of each month or selling hotdogs in the park.

Couchsurfing (عندك كنباي)

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What a great Idea! Coush Surfing is people networking website, looks like facebook, the idea is simple for people who likes to meet others from other parts of this world, different cultures, languages and different points of view, all what you have to do is to create profile and fill in some information, and you will start to send and receive couch requests, you can set the level of help you can afford, you can accept people to come to your place to spend and night or two, or maybe less by offering them showing them around and having a cup of tea or coffee, and you can do the same when you visit a place where you don’t know anybody from there, you can browse for people living there and you ask them to help you as mush as they could and they at least can show you around ang give you some useful tips.

I created my profile only couple of days ago, then WoW, Simon from Jordan sent me an invitation for couch surfers gathering, they wanted to say hello to new members and have nice evening with couch surfers currently located in Amman, the gathering took place at Jaffra, a coffee shop downtown, my first impression was good, then everything went smooth and easy, we started to introduce to each other and talking about our experiences traveling, working and kicking in this life.

I met two nice guys from Spain, they were so cute and lovely, I am bad with names but they were so kind, they are CIVIL engineers doing a trip in Jordan for pleasure, I have tried to talk to the Iranian couple, but one of them was not good in English, the girl was also nice, at the end I met with the Italian couple, Barbara and Georgio, they have just arrived Jordan, they came directly from the Airport to the gathering, I am thankful for them, they were very helpful and they provided me so many useful tips to survive my trip to Rome in the next couple of week.

I was looking for something like CouchSurf for ages, I hope I can make more friends and enjoy helping people surviving Amman. I will consider this as part of my Job enhancing our picture (Arabs and Muslims) in the eyes of other people of the world, so help me God.

Here are some PICs from today gathering.











Trip to Bethlehem (بيت لحم)

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As part of my trip to Palestine during EID holiday early this month, my cousin took me to Bethlehem to have fun and spend a day discovering my home country Palestine.


The City VIBES, food and everything there were more than perfect.
First of all we went there at lunch time, so first thing was to have decent meal, in Beit Jala (The closet town to Bethlehem), there is a very popular place called KA’BAR (كعبر), this is a very nice, clean and YUM YUM place, it serves grilled chicken with Arabic appetizers I consider the best I have ever had.




After having a great meal, we went back to Bethlehem, to the downtown, it is not much different than Hebron (My Home), there are a lot of local stores scattered in the alleyways in the ancient city selling souvenirs and clothes.



Cities of Palestine (WEST BANK) are not so big in general, so going around the city was so quick and my cousin suggested directly to go to the Church (Church of the Nativity) the place were Jesus (Peace upon him) was born. There was a lot of people from different nationalities visiting the church, it was like a festival.







Rotation of DSC01219

After spending 4 hours in the city, we hit the road back Home, full of hope that one day we will live in peace and love.


I was reading a nice post on Rob’s blog, it seems that they are thinking “in the US” to make it 3 days weekend instead of the usual 2 days, for no reason I went crazy and started to laugh loud, I remember a comic sent by one of colleagues couple of months ago, it is really enough to express what I want to say.


I couldn’t find any English words that can express what I feel right now, it is was a hell of day, we are not used to high temperature like this, I will go postal if this hot weather went for another two days. In the gulf every single room is air conditioned but here I don’t think so, Thanx god I bought 1 ton Air Conditioner last year, it worths every “kirsh” I paid for, I can’t even leave my room wallah.

For the second time in this life, I attended Zade’s concert that took place in Amman on the 19th June 2008, the concert was great, Zade was shining as usual and the audience were incredible, the concert took place at the Roman Theater, downtown of Amman, the concert started at 08:30 which was supposed to start 07:30, stairs were full of audience, I believe people were not allowed to attend because of no space.

Zade was great and shining as usual and as I like to call the guy “Yanni of Jordan” let me feel so prude of him being Jordanian, the London orchestra joined Zaid during his performance, Janna from Lebanon also preformed a marvelous song for Ziad Rahabani of Lebanon, her voice made that warm evening of Amman unforgettable, I wounder where I can find a CD for her?

I will not say much about Zaid, I really stand speechless in front of his simplicity and kindness and maybe this describes the huge number of people were there! Keep up the good Job Zaid, someday we will meet and talk and I will express how much I like what you are doing.